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What is CordStem?


Cytokines or growth factors are interchangeable terms which describe signaling biomolecules derived from cells or cellular components. These biomolecules provide biological signalings to secreting cells, neighboring cells, and even remotely located cells.

Cellular elements of exosome, cytokines, and growth factors

Cellular released elements such as exosome, cytokines, and growth factors are potent protein biomolecules produced upon stimulation by a broad range of cells and exert tremendous effects on cell signaling. These factors heal damage, reduce inflammation, control the immune system, promotes growth, stimulate microcirculation, and participate in tissue engineering.

CordStemSM is an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection of laser stimulated, antioxidant energized, and autologous blood stem cell enriched umbilical cord extract. Via proprietary technique, the umbilical cord reparative, regenerative, immune modulating, anti-inflammation, and stem cell stimulating cytokines are laser stimulated, antioxidant energized, and autologous stem cell enriched to optimize rejuvenation.

For body’s internal repair and rejuvenation purpose, CordStem is administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously. For external cosmetic tissue regenerative purpose, CordStem is administered locally into the soft tissue. Low level light exposure, antioxidant micronutrient rich environment, and growth factors all further optimize, stimulate, and energize stem cell functioning.

As such, CordStem is:

More convenient than surgical fat stem cells
More regenerative than aging adult stem cells
More energized than traditional umbilical injection

This treatment is for individuals desiring:
1. Easy, simple, convenient, and more potent regenerative rejuvenation, without surgery
2. Both simultaneous internal and external antiaging

What do living placenta and umbilical cord contain?

Umbilical and umbilical cord tissue provides both protection and nourishment. Umbilical and umbilical cord numerous highly powerful bioactive molecules and stem cells, which all can aid repair of the body.

Residing inside the umbilical and cord, stem cells help to repair, regenerate and rejuvenate the body. These cells have not acquired genetic markers and thus are immune from rejection by both the mother and other recipients. These cells can home in to areas of disease, seed targeted areas, and begin renewal, differentiation, and repair. These cells can also secrete numerous potent signaling cytokines to promote differentiation, reduce inflammation, stimulation one’s own stem cells, and control the immune system.

How are umbilical cord stem cells different from adult stem cells?

Adult stem cells derived from one’s bone marrow or fat. The functionality of these aging cells is much lower than the young umbilical cord stem cells. Compared to adult stem cells, these young perinatal stem cells are much more capable of regeneration and repair. For example, stem cells at birth are capable of making 1 billion stem cells in one month, whereas adult stem cells at age 60 can only make 200 cells every month.

How is umbilical cord extract prepared?

Umbilical cord extract uses human umbilical amnion and cord extract in flowable fluid form.

Umbilical cord and amniotic tissue are obtained from umbilicals during cesarean section from health screened and tested mothers, processed into flowable fluid extract, with growth factors and/or cells extracted and frozen with liquid nitrogen to -196 degree Celsius to preserve stability. The extraction process maximizes stem cell function and viability A stabilizer called DMSO is subsequently added as a cryoprotectant. Individuals with known sensitivity towards DMSO should not use tissue prepared containing DMSO.

Umbilical cord extract contains specialized reparative, regenerative, immune modulating, anti-inflammatory, growth promoting, microcirculation stimulating, and stem cell stimulating healing signaling cytokines and cells.

Biologic tissues are collected, processed, screened, tested, stored, and distributed I compliance with all FDA regulations concerning HCT/Ps. Despite all these safety measures, no claim of complete safety and biological properties can be made. As such, occurrence of complication can include but is not limited to transmission of communicable disease, transmission of infectious disease, and/or immune or allergic reaction to implanted or injected biologic product.
Umbilical cord extract is sourced at Utah Cord Bank. Each cc of umbilical cord extract contains about 7.4 million live cells and hundreds of types of bioactive molecules.

How does this treatment differ from the other options?

  1. Energizes stem cells function
  2. Repairs and regenerate by umbilical cord extract
  3. Lessens menopausal aging
  4. Controls weight, improves skin dryness, restores skin tone, reduces thinning hair
  5. Reduces fatigue, improves sleep, and enhances mental clarity
  6. Boosts circulation, immunity, metabolism, and sexual function
  7. Optimizes internal organ functions
  8. Controls inflammation, strengthens bones, reduces joint pain
  9. More convenient than surgical fat stem cells injection
  10. More regenerative than aging adult stem cells
  11. More energized than traditional umbilical injection
  12. More comprehensive than hormone therapy alone
  13. More antioxidant effects than micronutrient injection alone
  14. More detoxification than laser alone
  15. Proprietarily researched and developed anti-aging medicine technique
  16. Performed by the most experienced center in this technique in California

What Conditions May Be Treated?

  1. Cardiovascular:
    a. enhanced blood formation
    b. Improved microcirculation
    c. Reduced blood stickiness
    d. Control of high blood pressure
    e. Improved heart vessel disease/decreased infarction zone/prevention of stent restenosis
    f. Reduced plaques
    g. Normalized blood lipid; decrease in cholesterol, triglycerides, lipoproteins
    h. Improved blood flow to the tissue
    i. Control of tinnitus
    j. Improved macular degeneration
  2. Immunity:
    a. Enhanced immune system
    b. Antibacterial/antiviral/anti-toxin
    c. Anti-allergy
    d. Reduced eczema
    e. Reduced inflammation
  3. Respiratory: improved respiratory function
  4. Metabolic: Normalized blood sugar
  5. Reduced inflammation; C-reactive protein
  6. Improved liver/kidney function
  7. Neurological:
    a. Reduced pain
    b. Better sleep
    c. Reduced depression
    d. Better energy
  8. Musculoskeletal: Physical performance and reduced fatigue
  9. Skin: Acceleration of wound repair and healing

Whom is the treatment for?

  1. Patients with realistic expectation and understand that, while shown to be helpful for the enhancement of well-being, the service is an off-label use and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Whom is the treatment not for?

  1. Patients with unrealistic expectation
  2. Patients with low blood sugar, dehydration, acute disease, autoimmune disorder, blood disorder, active cancer, or on bleeding thinning medications.
  3. Patients on blood pressure or diabetes medications may require a downward adjustment of the medicine

How is the treatment done?

Prior to treatment, additional anti-aging measures must be taken to enhance, complete, and endure the effects of the treatment. Mandatory measures may include:

  • Bioidentical Hormone
  • Cytokines
  • Low Level Laser
  • IV Nutrition
  • NAD
  • Products
  • Stem Cells
  • Testing

Before treatment, adequate hydration and nutritional intake are required. One hour prior to laser starting, natural photosensitizer antioxidant compounds can be given orally.

Cytokine and stem cell preparation may be given next. There are several methods.

  1. Umbilical Cord extract, without laser stimulation, antioxidants, and autologous blood stem cell enrichment, is injected intramuscularly, subcutaneously, and/or intravenously.
  2. CordStem, the laser stimulated, antioxidant energized, and autologous blood stem cell enriched umbilical cord extract is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously.
  3. BloodStem, the laser stimulated, antioxidant energized, and autologous growth factor enriched blood stem cells are injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously.
  4. LipoStem, the laser stimulated, antioxidant energized, and autologous blood stem cell enriched fat stem cells are injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. In a surgical center, liposuction is performed under local anesthesia to remove about 200 cc of fat. This fat is then processed with specialized equipments to fractionate to produce a stromal vascular fraction containing the fat stem cells. LipoStem is the then produced by laser stimulation, antioxidant energization, and autologous blood stem cell enrichment.

The above categories of reatment consists of a basic package of one session of umbilical cord extract infusion and/or injection, with or without laser stimulation, antioxidants, autologous blood or fat-derived stem cell enrichment.

What Results Might Be Expected?

  1. Better cardiovascular health
  2. Enhanced immunity
  3. Less allergy
  4. Improved breathing
  5. Better sugar control
  6. Less pain
  7. Better sleep
  8. Improved energy
  9. Faster healing
  10. Lessens menopausal aging

When will one see the results?

Generally, effects are cumulative and gradual over three months. Further results can be obtained with further packaged sessions.

How long do the results last?

Results last about six to twelve months.

How to maintain or enhance my results?

For maintenance of body rejuvenation, treatment every six months year is recommended, along with other anti-aging measures.

What is the recovery like?

Initially, one third of people may feel nothing, one third may feel more energetic right away, and one third may feel the effects of detoxification.

Generally, no specific recovery is needed. Patients may return to routine activities. Further hydration is recommended.

Occasionally, patients may feel dehydrated or slightly hypoglycemic if not adequate hydrated and well nourished prior to the treatment. Rarely, for those with concurrent viral and bacterial infection, a slight temporary low grade fever can occur as a natural result of boosted immunity.


Cost of Treatments

Cost of treatment options ranges from three to five digits. An in-person consultation with your specialist physician will help to determine the best suitable solution to your own individual needs.