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  1. 曾經很多人認為,人體各個器官在進入老年的時候才開始衰老,實際上人體各器官的衰老時間比預想中要早得多,在我們步入老年之前,大部分器官早已開始衰老,
    然而光能細胞活力療法(Photodynamic Rejuvenation℠)是最先進的抗衰老療程,能清潔血液與振興自體天然血液幹細胞的功能,可以幫您對抗歲月問題。光能細胞活力療法可達到什麼樣的效果?
    1. 改善心血管健康
    2. 增強免疫力
    3. 減少過敏症狀
    4. 改善呼吸
    5. 增進血糖控制
    6. 減輕疼痛
    7. 改善睡眠
    8. 提升活力
    9. 加速癒合

Did you know that at 25 years old, most of our organs have already begun to age? 

All vital organs begin to lose some function as you age during adulthood. Aging changes occur in all of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs, and these changes affect the functioning of all body systems.
Photodynamic Rejuvenation℠, is the most advanced and rapid anti-aging treatment which detoxifies the blood, replenishes micronutrients to the body, and re-energizes natural blood stem cells.

PDR’s benefits are:
1. Better cardiovascular health
2. Enhanced immunity
3. Less allergy
4. Improved breathing
5. Better sugar control
6. Less pain
7. Better sleep
8. Improved energy
9. Faster healing