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5 steps for reducing your stress over COVID19

1. Exercise regularly. While gyms are closed and social distancing guidelines are in place, it’s still possible to get in aerobic exercise, like walking, running, hiking or playing with your kids/pets, all can help release endorphins

2. Maintain a healthy diet. Stress can adversely affect both your eating habits and your metabolism. The best way to combat stress or emotional eating is to be mindful of what triggers stress eating and to be ready to fight the urge. 

3. Take a break. While it’s important to stay informed of the latest news and developments, the evolving nature of the news can get overwhelming. Find a balance of exposure to news that works for you. 

4. Connect with others. We need to make a point to connect with others regularly.reach out to family members, friends and colleagues regularly via phone, text, FaceTime or other virtual platforms. Make sure that you are checking on those that are alone. Check in regularly with your parents, grandparents and your children.

5. Get sleep and rest. The ever-changing news environment can create a lot of stress, stress that gets amplified when you don’t get enough sleep. It’s especially important now to get the recommended amount of sleep to help you stay focused on work and on managing the stress the current outbreak can bring.

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Reference: https://healthtalk.unchealthcare.org/5-tips-to-manage-stress-about-coronavirus-covid-19/


5個減輕 新冠肺炎(COVID19) 所產生壓力的步驟

1. 經常鍛煉。雖然健身房目前處於關閉種 且政府制定了疏遠社交準則,但我們仍然可以進行有氧運動,例如散步,跑步,遠足或與孩子/寵物一起玩耍,這些都可以幫助釋放體內的內啡肽。

2. 維持健康的飲食攝取,在壓力下會影響您的飲食習慣和新陳代謝。對抗壓力或情緒化進食的最佳方法是要牢記引發壓力進食的原因,並抵抗衝動進食。

3. 適當休息一下吧! 隨時了解最新新聞和時事很重要,但新聞的不間斷更新 尤其是為了吸引眼球的標題可能會令人不知所措甚至恐慌。所以每天只需閱讀有根據的新聞即可。

4. 與他人聯繫。我們需要定期通過電話,短信,FaceTime或其他虛擬平台定期與家人,朋友和同事保持聯繫。並定時與獨居的家人和朋友們進行通話以確保他們的安危。

5. 睡個好覺。不斷更新的新聞會讓人產生很大的壓力,當您睡眠不足時,壓力會加劇。在這個階段,保證充足的睡眠時間可以幫助您專註於工作和控制當前疫情帶來的壓力。

資料參考: https://healthtalk.unchealthcare.org/5-tips-to-manage-stress-about-coronavirus-covid-19/