簡易醫療减肥計畫 LipoSlim℠
May 08, 2020

作为一个追求“瘦即是美”的少女,总在各种社交媒体上或者是网络上看见别人的惹火身材,自己当然也是心生羡慕,于是开始了自己的减肥之旅。少吃多动、坚持运动甚至是节食全都尝试一个遍,最惨的就是减肥效果不明显。 因为疫情影响,大部分人都宅在家中过着吃了睡、睡了吃的生活,妥妥胖10斤!面对越来越近的夏天,开始着急了吗? 閱讀全文

Apr 30, 2020

AAC院长 Dr.Sun 通过视频与大家分享新冠疫情(COVID-19)下,关于健康、抗老及美容方面的资讯! 閱讀全文

Apr 30, 2020

同一种病毒的感染患者会出现不同疾病程度的表现,分轻症、普通、重症,这均与个人机体免疫状态有关,起决定作用的是免疫系统。 COVID-19轻症患者依靠自身免疫系统即可清除病毒,从而身体很快能够恢复;如果感染的病毒量大,人体无法清除病毒,免疫系统过激,就会引起人体免疫系统的紊乱,产生“细胞因子风暴”,这是一招自杀式的攻击,能够损伤病毒,但也会留下一大堆连带伤害,最终导致的不仅是肺损伤还有多个器官产生衰竭,这就是为何有些轻症患者也会突然病情加重。目前没有针对此病毒的特效药物(来自世卫组织:疫苗研制要18个月),病毒感染的恢复都是靠机体自身免疫力,医护人员奋战在一线也是在帮助我们免疫系统去争取时间恢复从而继续对抗。 閱讀全文

May 05, 2020

LIFESTYLE DETOXSM Slow Down Aging the Easy Way Eat, Sleep, Exercise, and Relax to Optimize Health EXERCISE PROGRAM Brisk walking is most popular; get a pedometer; Minimum steps per day=10000; park farther away; use phone app to check steps taken SLEEP PROGRAM 6 to 8 hours of sleep; avoid stimulatory activities 2 hours before sleep; […]

5 steps for reducing your stress over COVID19
Apr 16, 2020

5 steps for reducing your stress over COVID19 1. Exercise regularly. While gyms are closed and social distancing guidelines are in place, it’s still possible to get in aerobic exercise, like walking, running, hiking or playing with your kids/pets, all can help release endorphins 2. Maintain a healthy diet. Stress can adversely affect both your […]

The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do
Apr 07, 2020

The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do  新冠狀病毒講解和須知     如何加上中文字幕? 點選 1號圖標 >  點選 Subtitle 並選擇字幕語言 點開 CC 字幕後就會出現

Clinic Schedule
Apr 02, 2020

Dear Patients, To Protect Yourself and Others, Arrange Your Face-to-Face Medical Services after 4/30/2020 Due to the recent community spread of coronavirus, government and public health officials have mandated the cessation of non-essential services. Even though our medical clinic is an exempt service, much of our services are non-essential. As such, our clinic will temporarily […]

Skin Care Pasadena
Sep 23, 2019

Whether you want to diminish fine lines, rid yourself of crows feet or simply brighten dull skin, Dr. George Sun, MD has the expertise and newest equipment to deliver you a more youthful glow. Advanced Aesthetics Center strives to provide our patients throughout Southern California with the very best cosmetic rejuvenation treatments and skin care Pasadena. […]

Glendale Botox
Sep 23, 2019

Advanced Aesthetics is an award-winning group of board-certified Glendale plastic surgeons, aesthetic physicians, and professional staff that are dedicated to delivering the very finest medical rejuvenation services. Our uniquely qualified Glendale cosmetic surgeons are committed to ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and innovative rejuvenation services in a comfortable and safe environment. Your health and […]

Los Angeles Laser Treatment
Sep 20, 2019

Los Angeles Laser Treatment and Skin Resurfacing is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure because of the unbelievable results with minimal downtime. Advanced Aesthetics Center provides laser skin rejuvenation effectively diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, minor scars, while leaving skin smoother, tighter and brighter. Our Los Angeles Laser Treatment is the newest and best way to […]