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What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck, or abdominoplasty, tightens and contours the abdomen by removing excess skin and fat with simultaneous tightening the lax abdominal wall muscles. Often simultaneous liposuction is performed.

How does this treatment differ from the other options?

permanently tightens and contours the abdomen.
removes excess skin and tightens the muscle

What Conditions May Be Treated?

1. lax lower abdominal muscle
2. significant stretch marks
3. post-pregnancy or post-weight loss excess skin.
4. Previous abdominal scars

Whom is the treatment for?

1. Patients with realistic expectations
2. Patients in good, healthy conditions
3. Adequate fat for harvesting in case of fat grafting
4. Stable weight without frequent or excess weight gain or loss

Whom is the treatment not for?

1. Patients with unrealistic expectations
2. Patients with low blood sugar, dehydration, acute disease, autoimmune disorder, blood disorder, cancer, or on bleeding thinning medications.

How is the treatment done?

Generally, an incision is made in the bikini line area, followed by undermining of tissues. Excessive skin and a conservative amount of fat are removed, followed by suture tightening of the underlying muscle for enhance tightening and contouring effect. The umbilicus may need to be relocated. Drains are placed and removed within a few days.
The treatment takes about three hours in an outpatient clinic setting.
Procedures generally require general anesthesia.

What results may be expected?

1. Immediate and dramatic improvement of body shape
2. Significantly improved skin laxity
3. Removal of stretch marks within the excised tissue
4. Skin tightening
5. Muscle tightening
6. Skin smoothening
7. Permanent fat removal
8. Body contouring

When will one see the results?

The results are seen in weeks.

How long do the results last?

Combined with proper diet and exercise, results last years to decades, with further treatments suggested for maintenance.

How to maintain or enhance my results?

Additional maintenance is required.
Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.
Further treatment may be recommended for further results.

What is the recovery like?

Moderate soreness, swelling, and moderate bruising are expected.
Recovery generally lasts two weeks, and most patients return to work and light activities thereafter.


Cost of Treatments

Cost of treatment options ranges from three to five digits. An in-person consultation with your specialist physician will help to determine the best suitable solution to your own individual needs.