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There are different types of brown spots. The unattractive and stubborn melasma have three main causes: genetic, age and sun exposure. There are also other factors that might contribute, such as stress, hormone, malnutrition, and weakened liver function. There are skin care products that you can use to help gradually diminish the brown spots. However, if one can combine it with other treatments, effectively getting rid of it in a considerably short time would be possible.


  • Bleaching Injection
    injection to infuse skin micronutrients
  • Chemical Peel
    exfoliation to skin quality
  • Laser
    specialized light to improve skin quality

    • CooLite
      low level light to improve skin quality
    • Erbium laser
      resurfacing laser aimed to improve skin quality
    • Rapid Clear
      advanced technique to exfoliate and fragment pigmentation
    • Ultra Clear
      advanced technique to exfoliate, fragment, and bleach pigmentation
    • Dual Laser
      advanced technique with two laser settings
  • MDSun Skin Care
    advanced clinical grade skin care products
  • Microneedling
    micropuncture to improve skin quality

    • Motoroller
      advanced technique for motorized microneedling
  • Micronutrient Injection
    injection to infuse body micronutrients