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What is weak chin?

Our chin affects the overall look and proportion of our face. Common concerns for the chin includes: receding chin, small chin, out of proportion to the face, lack of definition, and dimpling.

What causes weak chin ?

Most common causes of small or receding chin include:

On the side view:

  • Receding bony chin
  • Dental occlusive condition
  • Double chin from fat deposit
  • Neck muscle laxity
  • Loose skin
  • Neck cartilage located too high
  • Over projected nose

On the front view:

  • Narrow bony chin
  • Chubby face
  • Wide face
  • Jowls

Want to have a naturally balanced and youthful face?

Consider the following treatment options.

Related Treatments


  • Injectable Fillers
    Synthetic agents used to help restore the voluminous face and restore facial harmony.
  • Chin Lift ℠
    The only non-surgical treatment, which both tightens saggy neck muscle and melts stubborn fat.
  • SuperFiller ℠
    An easy, simple, flexible, and long lasting filler, especially for nasolabial folds and receding chin.


  • Chin Implant
    The surgery can sculpt a new look to your face by creating a more youthful facial contour and a more harmonious-looking face.
  • EasyLipo℠
    The latest new way to permanently remove fat from the face and neck and tightens the skin at the same time!