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What are dark eye circles?

A lot of us are familiar with that panda-like shadow underneath our eyes. Dark eye circles are periorbital hyperpigmentation, seen as dark areas around the eyelids.

What causes dark eye circles?

The causes of dark eye circles are multiple.

  • Genetics: some individuals have a curved band of dark pigmentation on the lower eyelid skin
  • Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation: irregular pigmentation due to eyelid skin inflammation and skin textural changes
  • Capillaries and veins: weakened capillaries in the presence of thinning skin are most likely the most common cause of dark eye circles
  • Shadows: depression caused by tear troughs can create shadows, thus an illusion of darkness.
  • Other reasons: thin skin, dryness, aging, hormonal changes, nutritional status, seasonal allergy, UV radiation are all other miscellaneous causes as well.

Want to effectively rid of dark eye circles? Consider the following treatment options.
Related Treatments


  • Skin Products
    skin products with special actives can improve capillary circulation and improve dark eye circles.
  • Lasers
    Non-ablative laser can target the blood and pigment component of dark eye circles
  • Chemical Peel
    Peel can effective reduce pigmentation component of dark eye circles and remodel collagen to improve thinness.
  • Injectable Fillers
    The shadow effect can be reduced by the use of injectable fillers.
  • Photodynamic Super Collagen Lift Eyes
    This novel treatment improves skin thickness to improve both wrinkles and the blood component of dark eye circles


  • Blepharoplasty