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What is double chin?

Double chin is the appearance of chubby upper neck.  Double creates the illusion of lack of definition of the jaw line, shortened face, round face, or even a receding chin.
Most commonly, as most people believe, double chin is due to fat deposit.  But careful diagnosis demonstrates that there are five causes of double chin.  And understanding and diagnosing the correct cause or causes are the key to proper and optimal treatment option selections.

  • Fat deposit: This is the most common cause of double chin, especially in chubby younger persons.  Both fat superficial and deep to the neck muscle platysmal may contribute to the neck chubbiness.
  • Muslce enlargement or laxity: This is often a frequentt and hidden component of double chin. The neck muscle prominence may revel itself after the fat has been treated.  This neck muscle platysma may be easily demonstrated by clinching one’s teeth hard and the corners of the lips turned downward.
  • Receding chin: This is a very common finding whereby the shortened chin will exaggerate the look of the chubby neck.  Reviewing one’s lateral profile of the chin relative to the lip easily demonstrates any degree of chin deficiency.  Receding chin occurs in both young people genetically and in older people with aging as the chin bone atrophies.
  • Skin redudancy: Loose skin creates skin redudancy of the neck, resulting in poor definition of the chin neck curvature.  Skin laxity occur progressively, associated with thinness of skin, loss of skin fat, and looseness of muscle.
  • High position of neck cartilage: In certain genetic predisposition, the neck cartilage can be very high.  The anatomical distance between the chin and the neck cartilage is thus shortened, creating the appearance of a very blunt neck.
  • Combination of the above anatomy: All of the above factors can be associated together in one way or other.

What are the treatment solutions to double chin?

As stated above, careful and proper diagnosis is the key to proper treatment selection.


  • Liposuction
    A very effective and long term treatment for excesss fat, liposuction surgery is surgical procedure.
  • Chin Implant
    Also a very effective and long term treatment for receding chin, chin implant surgery often is combined with liposuction.


  • Kybella Fat melting injection.
    A modestly effective and long term treatment for submental fat, this fat melting injection melts the fat slowly and progressively over several sessions.
  • Botox
    Botox works on the muscle component of the double chin
  • Skin tightening with radiofrequency or ultrasound
    Radiofrequency as Thermage or LipoTight, and ultrasound such as Ulthera treatment works to improve the laxity of the skin and muscle of the upper neck, tightening both collagen and the platysmal muscle.
  • SlimLift
    Slim Lift addresses all three conditions of muscle, fat, and skin at the same time to achieve neck lifting, fat melting, and skin tightening.