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7 Best Solutions to Overcome Dry Skin

Dry skin may cause dull-looking or rough-feeling skin. The scaliness, wrinkles and fine lines produced can be unsightly and the itchiness and uneven tightness can be uncomfortable. Among the most needed skin improvement treatment today is hydration. This article identifies the frequent causes of dry skin, suggests simple solutions and introduces advanced products and treatment solutions. Before following any of the suggested solutions, consult your facial medical specialist. Consider in-office treatments, especially for invasive procedures, for healthier, well-hydrated skin.

What Causes Dry Skin and How to Combat It?

  • Inadequate MicronutrientMany studies revealed that skin dryness is made worse by improper diet, and insufficient vitamin E and essential fatty acids. To alleviate this, avoid food allergens like eggs, milk and peanuts. Consume more cold water fish, and supplement with vitamin E and pure omega-3 oil.
  • Excessive UV LightThe ultraviolet light from prolonged sun exposure can cause sunburn and photodamage. It reduces the strength of the skin’s outermost layer, and accelerates water loss leading to cellular dehydration. To protect your skin, use broad spectrum sunblock every 4 to 6 hours regardless of weather.
  • Aggressive CleansersStrong cleansers or physical cleaning or abrasions often remove too much of the skin’s natural oils. Over time, the skin loses its natural lipids and weakens, leading to further skin dryness. To avoid this, use mild, hypoallergenic cleansers to keep the skin’s natural cellular lipids.
  • Dry Weather and WinterDry weather and winter’s low humidity can cause skin water to evaporate easily, leading to dry and rough skin. To relieve this condition, set your humidifier to 55% to improve ambient humidity and to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Inadequate DesquamationAs opposed to one of the most common consumer misconceptions that exfoliation causes dryness, controlled exfoliation actually hydrates skin by removing excessive piled-up dead cells and improves the water-holding capacity of the skin. Although the skin naturally exfoliates and completes this process in about 4 weeks, you can speed up the process by using products that gently exfoliate the skin or in-office peels.
  • Inadequate Skin BarrierHealthy skin has adequate water and balanced water-soluble and lipid-soluble components. The outermost skin layer has a natural skin barrier composed of numerous lipid- and water-based moisturizers. To maintain and restore this, use topical treatments that are clinical-grade, high-potency, and hypoallergenic moisturizers. It must occlude, draw water into the cells, seal the crevices between cells, repair skin, exfoliate, protect skin integrity, and reduce daytime inflammation.
  • Inadequate Penetration of Products into SkinMultiple penetration enhancement techniques have been devised to enhance penetration of skin actives, especially of molecules greater than 500 Daltons. The following are the different penetration enhancement techniques.
    • Topical Penetration Enhancement. These delivery vehicles include special technology such as liposome, nanoparticles, and even microspheres. Clinical grade mask, especially heated, enhances product component penetration as well.
    • Noninvasive Physical Penetration Enhancement.
      • Peels. Controlled exfoliation hydrates skin. A novel chemical peel called HydroPeelSM, a special proprietary peel, restores skin hydration and smoothness within ten days.
      • Microdermabrasion. Initially leaving a drier skin, this method removes dead skin and allows better absorption of topical moisturizers.
      • Ultrasound sonophoresis or electroporation. Using electrical or sound stimulation like MesoFacialSM, skin product components can be absorbed easily.
    • Invasive Physical Penetration Enhancement
      • Microneedle. This technique used in Roller TherapySM uses microneedles to produce numerous micropunctures, passively allowing skin actives to be absorbed into the skin.
      • Fractionating laser. This produces numerous micropunctures using light energy; also passively allowing skin actives to be absorbed into the skin.
      • Micro-injection. This uses multiple microneedles to inject skin actives into the skin. Vacuum Bleaching Injection, a specialized treatment using vacuum assisted micro-injection, is a comfortable and effective form of infusion.
    • Combination Chemical and Physical Penetration Enhancement. Combining both hydrating peels and micro-injection probably has the best effects. Micro-injection infuses skin actives, while hydrating peels restore skin integrity and strength. A great example of this is the highly advanced anti-aging treatment, HydroBriteSM that combines Vacuum Bleaching Injection with HydroPeelSM. Smoother and more hydrated skin can be felt in one week.

Prevent your skin from being a chalkboard. There are many products and treatments available to have healthy, glowing, smooth and fresh-looking skin. Consulting a professional minimizes the risk of using skin products that are only bottles of empty promises.