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What is Hair Loss?

Hair thinning and eventual hair loss can be bothersome for both men and women.  For men, male pattern hair loss begins at the hairline and the crown of the scalp. For the gentlemen, It can be devastating to be combing your hair and finding out there is a bold patch.  For women, female pattern hair loss at the center of the scalp, without the receding hairline most of the time.  For the ladies, significant thinning reduces one’s sense of femininity.

What causes hair loss?

The most common cause of hair loss in both men and women is due to androgenetic alopecia.  In this case, genetically predisposed individuals are particularly sensitive to a testosterone derivative called dihydrotestesterone, or DHT.  This hormone retards hair growth and metabolism, slowing causing progressively more hair to die out.
Other causes of hair loss include:  hormonal conditions (pregnancy, thyroid disorder, polycystic ovary, menopause), anemia, autoimmune disorder, quick weight loss, medications, stress, chemicals, trauma, and  local skin diseases.

Do you want to have a full head of healthy, strong hair?

Consider the following treatments options:

  • Anti-Aging Medicine
    With early hair thinning in the early stages of hair loss, enhancing the health of existing hair is the best option.
    Diagnostic anti-aging test may help understand one’s hormone imbalance, degree of inflammation, and food sensitivities.  Anti-aging treatments improve the health of the body and hair as well.
  • MDSun Skin Care
      • Minoxidil:
        This prescription gel works to slow hair thinning and can be used for both men and women.
      • Finasteride:
        This prescription medicine blocks the formation of DHT hormone, thereby reversing hair loss
  • Laser
    • CooLight
      Low level light, a noninvasive treatment, may be used improve early hair thinning.
  • MotoRoller Therapy
    Motorized microneedling stimulate hair follicles and improve early hair thinning.
  • Hair ReGrow
    This most advanced non-surgical regenerative medicine technique combines growth factors, micronutrients, low level light, and motoroller therapy to restores the vitality of thinning hair.


  • Hair Transplant
    When extensive hair loss exists, hair transplant remains a viable, long term, and effective treatment option.  Hair transplant, however, only adds new hair follicles, but do not directly change the health of the existing thinning hair and their genetic sensitivity.