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What is sagging tummy ?

An abdomen that is protruding, loose or sagging is a concern to many. Even those with normal body weight and proportion can also develop a sagging tummy.

What causes sagging tummy ?

Common causes are heredity, aging, pregnancy, prior surgery, and weight loss/gain. Exercise and healthy diets can only do so much. Sometimes we have to depend on treatments to help with the removal of excess fat/skin, and the restoration of the separated or weakened surrounding muscles.

Want to be rid of a stubborn tummy?
Consider the following treatments to recover a flat, well-toned abdomen.
Treatment Options for Sagging Tummy


  • Skin Tightening
    • LipoTight
      radiofrequency to tighten skin of medium thickness
    • ReFirme
      radiofrequency and infrared light to tighten skin of thin areas
    • RF SonoTight
      advanced technique to tighten skin of medium thickness
    • Thermage
      radiofrequency to tighten skin of very thick areas
    • Ulthera
      ultrasound to tighten skin of thick areas


  • Liposuction
    • EasyLipo
      advanced technique liposuction under local anesthesia
  • Tummy Tuck