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Brown Spots

Pigmentation means the coloring and tone of your skin. Special cells called melanocytes creates melanin, which is how your skin gets its color or pigment. When the melanocyte cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects the melanin production, causing one to have lighter or darker skin. Certain skin disorders can also cause patches of the skin to discolor. Some affects the pigment of the whole body. The discoloration can be both unsightly and uncomfortable to live with.

There are different types of benign brown spots. The unattractive and stubborn melasma has three main causes: genetics, age and sun exposure. There are also other factors that might contribute, such as stress, hormone, malnutrition, and weakened liver function. There are skincare products that you can use to help gradually diminish the brown spots. However, if one can combine it with other treatments, effectively getting rid of it in a considerably short time would be possible.

Causes of benign brow spots include: genetics, inflammation, age, sun exposure, stress, hormone, malnutrition, and weakened liver function.