Nose, Nose, Arcadia Plastic Surgeon Dr George Sun


Many are unhappy with the nose they were born with or how age has changed it. Some are bothered by the distorted nose shape cause by Injuries. Some simply desire better breathing. The size and shape of the nose can also impact a person’s appearance due to its central location on the face.The various concerns of the nose revolve around the shape, size, position, and even the function of the nose:
  1. Flat nose
  2. Bumpy nose
  3. Wide nose
  4. Droop nose
  5. Asymmetric nose
  6. Better breathing
The causes are anatomical relationship of the shape, size, and position of the underlying bone and cartilage, and the thickness of the overlying skin.Furthermore, other structures on the face also influenced the perception of the nose. For example, a weak chin can create an illusion of a larger nose.