Sun Protection

Protect yourself from the sun and maintain younger looking skin with the comprehensive sun protection.According to CDC, the sun’s UV rays can damages the skin in as little as 15 minutes. It can increase the rate the skin ages. It can cause lines, wrinkles, brown spots, pigmentations, skin discolorations, moles, skin cancer, and many more. It is one of the major contributors to the many skin problems that we see today. Thus, it is highly important to protect your skin and have a great sun defense regimen.
Photodamage is therefore sun light induced skin changes of accelerated aging and disease formation such as wrinkling, inflammation, redness, dyspigmentation, and skin cancer. Light from the sun damages the skin via three parts of its spectrum: UVA(320-400 nm), UVB(290-320 nm), and infrared(760-1 mm) bands of light. Of these bands, the largest contribution is infrared light, followed by UVA, and last by UVB. UVA, the predominant form of ultraviolet radiation, penetrates deeply into the skin. As such, UVA promotes reactive oxygen species formati and promotes free radical formation. On the other hand, UVB, the minor portion of the UV light, causes sun burn and damages genetic material. Both UVA and UVB light thus causes photoaging, premature wrinkling, skin cancer. Meanwhile, infrared, a often ignored source of sun exposure, also has been shown to degrade celluar proteins, leading to premature wrinkle formation.