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What is hyperpigmentation?

Pigmentation means the coloring and tone of your skin. Special cells called melanocytes creates melanin, which is how your skin gets its color or pigment. When the melanocyte cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects the melanin production, causing one to have lighter or darker skin. Certain skin disorders can also cause patches of the skin to discolor. Some affects the pigment of the whole body. The discoloration can be both unsightly and uncomfortable to live with.

Hyperpigmentation refers to conditions with darkened skin areas.

What are the causes of hyperpigmentation?

Two of the most common conditions of hyperpigmentation are melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation(PIH).

Melasma can be can be caused by hormone conditions, pregnancy, menopause, low thyroid function, use of birth control pills, hormones, or photosensitizing drugs, frequent use of fragrant cosmetics.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can be caused by any skin inflammation such as acne and use of aggressive skin products, cosmetic laser, or peels.

What are the treatment options for hyperpigmentation?