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What are thin lips?

While it is not a health condition, having thin lips can make a person highly self-conscious. With aging, thin lips are also associated with perioral wrinkles, downward corners of the mouth, and loss of lip volume and shape.

Natural and full lips consider the following aesthetics:

  • Red lips shape and volume
  • White lips shape and volume
  • Borders between the red and white lips
  • Cupids bow and philtrum
  • Corner of the mouth

What causes thin lips?

Thin lips are caused by a number of reasons:

  • Genetics:  Some people are naturally born with thin lips
  • Aging:  Over time, loss of both quality and quantity of connective tissue components elastin and collagen produce thin lips.
  • Sun exposure:  frequent, prolonged, and repeated solar irradiation accelerate the natural changes to the connective tissue components, resulting in premature wrinkling and loss of volume.
  • Smoking:  Another frequent but completely preventable source of accelerated aging is tobacco smoking.  Lines around the mouth can be a sign of this pollutant.

What are the treatments for thin lips?