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What is volume loss?

Loss is volume is an important part of aging. Loss of volume leads to sunken face, thinness, loss of descent of soft tissue, illusion of extra skin, loss of contour, and sagging folds. In fact, one of the earliest change of aging face is volume loss

What are the causes of volume loss?

Simply put, loss of volume is caused by aging. Aging changes occurs on four levels: skin, fat, muscle, and even bone.

As we age, skin’s dermal collagen gradually breaks down through age, thus causing volume loss throughout the face and the whole body. Fat shrinks and descents with time. The bones of orbit, forehead, nose, mid-face, and jaw all remodel as we age. Muscle may become more lax in some areas whereas in other areas muscle may actually have increased resting tone, worsening movement wrinkles and folds.

As the space on the face dwindles, an ever increasing appearance of hollowness and sagginess occur.

What are the treatments for volume loss?