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What is Super Collagen Lift?

As we age, our skin envelope begins to thin out. Collagen and fat begin to shrink, giving us a hollow or sunken appearance.

Fillers are synthetic or autologous agents used to help restore the volume for the face and body.

Now, you can gradually reshape your face while regenerating your own real hydrating collagen with much better and longer results than fillers alone.
This treatment uses the principle of regenerative medicine called tissue engineering. To understand the principles of regenerative medicine, think of how grapes are grown. To grow grapes on the vines, you need four things: seeds, nutrition, vines, and sunlight. Seeds determine the source of life and the quantity of grapes. Nutrition such as water, soil, and fertilizers affect the quality of grapes; the vines, create the shape of the grapevines; lastly, the sun, acting as a source of energy, starts the growth process.

In living tissues, seeds are stem cells, which have regenerative and repairing abilities. Nutrition is one’s own growth factors, which are found in our blood. Frameworks are synthetic shaping agents, which are found in synthetic scaffolds. Laser or radiofrequency acts as energy stimulation to spark biochemical growth.

Together, these four agents, including stem cells, growth factors, scaffolds, and energetic stimulation constitute the principle of regenerative medicine. Using this regenerative principle, a state-of-the-art technique, now called Super Collagen Lift, is utilized to “regrow” one’s collagen which was once lost in time.

Super Collagen LiftSM, a novel non-surgical face lifting technique, combines the shaping effect of the scaffolding agent Sculptra, platelet rich plasma (PRP) derived growth factors, blood CD 34 stem cells or placental stem cells, and low level laser photostimulation. This procedure gradually stimulates your lost collagen, restores facial shape, smoothes out facial wrinkles, and even nourishes the skin. Sculptra acts as a synthetic scaffolding agent, providing shape. PRP derived high density growth factors nourishes the skin. The blood CD34 stem cells or placental stem cells seeds and repairs the aging skin. Low level laser provides the energy stimulation to activate and invigorates the healing capacities of stem cells and growth factors.

How does this treatment differ from the other options?

1. Biologically regenerate and repair one’s own collagen and microcirculation
2. Much longer lasting and economical than synthetic fillers
3. More comfortable than Sculptra alone
4. Easier than fat injection
5. Indirect lifting as compared to the direct lifting of facelifts
6. More contouring than Botox
7. non-surgical compared to implants
8. Proprietarily researched and developed patent office registered regenerative medicine technique
9. Performed by the most experienced center in this technique in America

What Conditions May Be Treated?

1. Sunken temples
2. Cheeks Hollowed
3. Hollow eyes
4. Mild to moderate sunken or hollow face
5. Flat looking face
6. Mid-face sagging
7. Prominent nasolabial folds
8. Early jowls
9. Receding chin
10. Neck lines
11. Hands
12. Buttocks
13. Body contouring
14. Breast contouring
15. Liposuction defects
16. Skin quality improvements

Whom is the treatment for?

1. Patients with realistic expectations
2. Patients in good healthy conditions
3. Adequate fat for harvesting in case of fat grafting
4. Stable weight without frequent or excess weight gain or loss

Whom is the treatment not for?

1. Patients with unrealistic expectations
2. Patients with low blood sugar, dehydration, acute disease, autoimmune disorder, blood disorder, cancer, or on bleeding thinning medications.

How is the treatment done?

Following local anesthesia, fillers are injected slowly and retrograde in low pressure settings to slowly, incrementally, and gradually restore the lost volume of the targeted skin sites.

Generally, several sessions are required.

Results are more precise, longer lasting, and more complete when injections are done in stages. Specific areas of collagen or fat loss are the addressed with serial sessions monthly injections. The treatments are sized to your dimensions and customized to your specific facial needs.

All unused prepared or mixed medicine must be packaged and labeled with the recipient patient’s identification.

The treatment takes about half hour in an outpatient clinic setting.

Local anesthesia is used.

What results may be expected?

1. Enhanced chin
2. Smoother temples
3. Plumper and voluminous mid-face
4. More heart shaped looking face
5. More sculpted cheek definition
6. Reduced nasolabial prominence
7. Lifted early jowls
8. More fullness of the chin
9. Smoother neck lines
10. Plumper hands
11. Fuller buttocks
12. Improved body contouring
13. Improved breast contouring
14. Improved liposuction defects
15. More hydrated, plumber, and even-toned skin

When will one see the results?

The results will be seen instantly gradually in weeks. After the swelling subsides with few days, the results will look more and more natural.

How long do the results last?

Results last years. Duration of effect is similar regardless of sessions of treatments, but the magnitude of change will be determined by the number of sessions.

How to maintain or enhance my results?

Additional maintenance is required.
Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.
Further treatment may be recommended for further results.

What is the recovery like?

Recovery lasts one weekend, with most people returning to work and activities thereafter.
Temporary swelling, soreness, and mild bruising are expected.
Prescription pain medications are generally not needed.


After the treatment:
Message to the areas three times a day for three days to improve evenness.
Ice pack to the areas for the first two days to reduce swelling
Heat pads to the areas for the subsequent two days to expedite the resolution of any bruising.

Cost of Treatments

Cost of treatment options ranges from three to five digits. An in-person consultation with your specialist physician will help to determine the best suitable solution to your own individual needs.