Growth Factor

Healing Biomolecules

Growth factors or factors-containing extracellular vesicles called exosomes are signaling biomolecules derived from cells or cellular components.  Growth factors provide powerful biological signalings to secreting cells, neighboring cells, and even remotely located cells.

Cellular released elements of growth factors or exosomes can be sourced from one’s own blood in the form of PRP, platelet rich plasma or from Umbilical Cord Extract.  These factors are potent protein biomolecules produced upon stimulation by a broad range of cells and exert tremendous effects on cell signaling. These factors heal damage, reduce inflammation, control the immune system, promote growth, stimulate microcirculation, and participate in tissue engineering.


Reduced musculoskeletal inflammation

Skin rejuvenation

Improved hair thinning

Male enhancement and vaginal rejuvenation


Types of Growth Factor Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma


Unleash your body’s innate healing abilities with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), a cutting-edge therapy that utilizes your own blood’s growth factors and stem cells. PRP, derived from your blood, is packed with platelets, cells, and a plethora of growth factors, providing a natural solution for regeneration and repair. Transform your health journey today!

The Power of Youthful Regeneration

Umbilical Cord Extract

Umbilical cord extract contains specialized reparative, regenerative, immune modulating, anti-inflammatory, growth promoting, microcirculation stimulating, and stem cell stimulating healing signaling growth factors and cells.

Umbilical Cord Extract uses human umbilical amnion and cord extract in flowable fluid form.


Advanced Treatment


Energized Enriched Umbilical Cord Extract

Introducing CordStem, a cutting-edge intramuscular or subcutaneous injection that delivers laser-stimulated, antioxidant-energized, and autologous blood stem cell-enriched umbilical cord extract to boost your body’s natural rejuvenation process. 

Experience the ultimate revitalization with CordStem today!

Feel Lift

The Most Comprehensive Anti-Aging Solution

Feel Lift is the most comprehensive anti-aging solution for the perimenopausal women and aging men.  This state –of-the-art technique treatment combines detoxifying laser, regenerative growth factors, energizing antioxidants, natural hormone replenishment, DNA repair, and stem cell enhancement.

Rejuvenate and look and feel your best!


Comprehensive Melasma Solution

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