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How Does the Clinic Protect You and Our Staff

Why is the Clinic seeing patients?

Based on current federal, state and local guidelines, including medical boards and other authoritative guidance on phased reopening, we are reopening our clinic in stages with select services and patients.

We would like to make our Clinic one of the safest places you can visit outside of your own home.  Health and safety are our top priorities.

Being a healthcare facility providing essential service, our clinic will prioritize preventive care, wellness medicine, and anti-aging medicine to optimize your health.


How do you protect the safety of both staff and patients?

Safety guidelines in accordance with the CDC and health organizations are implemented in the following areas:


Health Screening

Social Distancing

Personal Protection Equipment



How does Telemedicine enhance safety?

Virtual Consultation Scheduling

You can easily contact us via telemedicine to discuss your needs.  For conferencing, many online platforms such as Zoom, WeChat, Google Meet, and others can be utilized.  Your doctor, nurse, and consultant can provide preliminary online consultations and follow up evaluations.


How does Health Screening enhance safety?

Health Screening

You should feel safer knowing that all staff has been tested for the virus.

Prior to entry, both patients and staff are screened with phone app, remote thermometer, and questions for respiratory illness.

Anyone identified with suspect symptoms or signs will be sent home. 

Non-patient visitor is also not allowed.

If you are interested to obtain home or clinic based virus testing for possible antibody immunity, please let us know.


How does Social Distance enhance safety?

Physical Distancing

We practice physical distancing, not social distancing.  While our staff and patients are encouraged to maintain physical distance, we are here to help you and will be very much socially connected to you.

Staggering provider, staff, and patient schedule

Reconfiguring work distance and flow patterns

Your treatment area will only be used for you in your privacy and not be shared with anyone else.

The reception room has more open-spaced seating, and you will have the option to wait in the privacy of your car until your exam room is open.


How does Personal Protective Equipment enhance safety?

Personal Protection Equipment

Masks are readily available. 

All patients and staff wear masks. Staff rendering close range services will also wear gloves, shields, and/or gowns.


How does Sanitation enhance safety?


Sanitizers, disinfectants, tissues, and trash cans are readily available.

Both patients and staff are encouraged to sanitize hands frequently.

Non-essential loose items which can be frequently touched by multiple individuals are removed or relocated so that efficient sterilization can be performed.

At the beginning and end of our work, after each use, and as needed throughout the day, our staff will sanitize all commonly touched surfaces.