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To whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to provide a Letter of Endorsement for the PDR Anti Aging Treatment I got from Dr. George Sun of Arcadia Aesthetic Center. … The effects I got [from PDR] are: 1. Sleep better. Usually I got up up to 3 times at night, after the treatment, most is once. 2. Gain more energy. When I go to gym, I can working longer even sometimes with tougher exercise. 3. Looks younger in according to someone I didn’t meet for a long time. (Usually we look at ourselves everyday, couldn’t notice the difference…) 4. Problem is: I eat almost the same but seems I gain some weight…May be efficiency is better. 5. Concentrate further. But gradually. These are just a few. … I am still continuing to receive this treatment not because for look younger, but for my own long term health. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who is concerned on their own health.