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Patient Testimonials

To whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to provide a Letter of Endorsement for the PDR Anti Aging Treatment I got from Dr. George Sun of Arcadia Aesthetic Center. … The effects I got [from PDR] are: 1. Sleep better. Usually I got up up to 3 times at night, after the treatment, most is once. 2. Gain more energy. When I go to gym, I can working longer even sometimes with tougher exercise. 3. Looks younger in according to someone I didn’t meet for a long time. (Usually we look at ourselves everyday, couldn’t notice the difference…) 4. Problem is: I eat almost the same but seems I gain some weight…May be efficiency is better. 5. Concentrate further. But gradually. These are just a few. … I am still continuing to receive this treatment not because for look younger, but for my own long term health. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who is concerned on their own health.

- Steve Hayashi

I would like to let you know that SuperBotox works very well. I observed noticeable difference even at Day 4. It appears that the injection generated better efficacy than previous one and I did not feel any side effect like headache. I am very happy about it and truly appreciate that you kindly used the new technology in the operation. Would you recommend another follow-up injection? If so, how soon should I get one?

- Bonnie W.

…In the meantime take care of yourselves and thank you again such excellent care of me. Dr. Sun, I am very pleased with my eyelid surgery, you did a wonderful job.

- M. C. DCH, BA

Dear Doctor Sun,…with deep gratitude for all your gentle very professional help. Best wish to new body and mom…

- A. M.

How doesn’t one say thank you to such a talented, fine physician? Even more so how does someone say thanks to what is even more important and that is a very special human being. ……It was a very amazing, rewarding, and heart warming experience. When I left the hospital and went home it was with complete confidence that all was well and I could manage ………. . This had never happened before and it was WONDERFUL!! …… We feel very very fortunate to have had you ….. even more fortunate to have meet you. You are a very “special” person. ………. The very “special” qualities that you possess. It is truly a rare gift. …… We know you will be successful in your medical practice and we wish you much …. In appreciation, gratefulness, and much thankfulness.

- M&M J. R.

Dear Dr. Sun, Thank you for staffing my case. I learned a great deal from that case, especially since you are such a patient instructor… As for the patient, … was very happy with both the function and appearance of his face. He is due back in another few weeks. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you again soon.

- J.

Dr. & Office Staff, This is how a Doctor’s office should be run. A special thanks to ….., I’m actually looking forward to the procedure!

- M&M. J. R.

Very friendly & professional staff!

- T. H.

Every thing from the Doctor to the receptionists service is excellent very friendly! (Happy face) Keep up the great work!

- N. V.

The office staff & Doctors are very knowledgeable & considerate. It is nice to be treated in a friendly atmosphere.

- M. B.

Thank you for a wonderful 2009! I am always treated with the utmost respect by your friendly office (esp. Heidi & Nerissa) I was able to build my self-confidence this year when I began a healthier lifestyle. I went from 185 lbs. to 137 lbs. The support I receive from you guys only motivates me more. Let’s hope for bigger & better things in 2010! Thank you,

- Love, Annie

You have made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life. When I came to see you I was obese and on the urge of being a diabetic. In six months I lost 35 pounds, in eight months I went from a size 16 in slacks to a size 8, I also went from a 42DD in the bust to a 37DD. This summer for the first time in years, I wore shorts and a bathing suit. My energy level has increased. My confidence self-esteem has soared with every inch and pound I lost. I appreciated that you listened to my desires and created a plat to get me there.Friends and family who have not seen me for a while do not recognize me, I’ve changed that much. I am a new person, and I love it.

- S. H.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Sun and his staff. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. Dr. Sun informed me in detail about the entire procedure and he genuinely cares about his patient. There wasn’t a moment where I felt like I was just a number. He gives his full attention and time. I am VERY pleased with my experience and would recommend Dr. Sun to anyone interested in plastic surgery.

- C.H. age 28

I can’t thank you enough for your acts of kindness… I can’t tell you how hard everything has been for me, and how awful I’ve felt about myself… you put a smile back on my face because of the man you are… Everyone who is a part of your life is very lucky… Thanks again for everything.

- MG

When my friends and members of my family saw me, their reaction was amazing. All of them noticed a big difference on my look, but they couldn’t say what it was. It was exactly how you said before they just said that the LA weather was very good for me.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your attention, advices, and for the great job that you have done for me. Once again thank you. Best regards,

- RB

A special thank-you… To show appreciation for all your help and concern…

- Mary

Sharon Thank you for completing the job which god had left off years ago.

- Sharon

J. C. My face is looking better thanks to all of you! Thanks again for your wonderful care. A word of thanks and a world of praise for being so special in so many ways! Thank you for being so helpful and caring.

- J. C.

D. W. I have dealt with many a doctor, for all sorts of ailments. Your concern, thoroughness. & bedside manner put you among the top.

- D. W.

T. J. Thank you so much for making me so beautiful! God bless!

- T. J.

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