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What is RF LipoMelt?

This combination technique uses deep fat melting radiofrequency of Vanquish technology and fat metabolizing injection, to permanently and precisely destroy targeted unwanted fat, tighten lax skin, and breakdown stubborn cellulite.

The deep radiofrequency permanently destroys the middle and deep layer of fat. In addition, specialized intramuscular or intravenous injection delivers micronutrients to stimulate the body to produce more energy to metabolize the fat more efficiently.

As the most cost effective fat destruction option, this procedure is suitable for faster and simultaneous treatment of multiple areas of flat or bulging fat deposits, for a more comfortable experience and for those who are fit or overweight.

How does this treatment differ from the other options?

1. More comfortable and faster multi-session fat destruction
2. Precisely destroys both flat and bulging fat
3. Contiguous treatment areas without skip areas for optimal contouring
4. Simultaneous multiple treatment areas including abdomen, flanks, back.
5. More skin tightening and even smoothening than fat freezing technique
6. For both fit and overweight individuals
7. More cost effective than fat freezing
8. Non-surgical
9. More fat metabolism for better energy

What Conditions May Be Treated?

1. unwanted fat, flat or bulging
2. mild skin laxity
3. wrinkles
4. cellulite

Whom is the treatment for?

1. Patients with realistic expectations
2. Patients in good, healthy conditions
3. Stable weight without frequent or excess weight gain or loss
4. High heat tolerant individuals
5. Fit or overweight individuals

Whom is the treatment not for?

1. Patients with unrealistic expectations
2. Heat intolerant individuals
3. Obese individuals

How is the treatment done?

A radiofrequency shield is applied about one inch above the skin. Gradually, the absorption of energy increases, and a slight to moderate heat sensation is felt, followed by skin warmth and mild redness. A fan may be used from time to time. Even distribution of fat shrinkage subsequently takes place over the next few months.

Subsequently, fat metabolizing micronutrients are injected intramuscularly or intravenously to help break down and convert fat into energy production.

Generally, one package consists of multiple sessions of radiofrequency and injections.

The treatment takes about two hours in an outpatient clinic setting.

Anesthesia is generally not needed.

What results may be expected?

1. 20% ~30% of fat shrinkage
2. skin tightening
3. skin smoothening
4. permanent skin fat destruction
5. body contouring

When will one see the results?

The results are seen in 3 months.

How long do the results last?

Combined with proper diet and exercise, results last years, with further treatments suggested for maintenance.

How to maintain or enhance my results?

Additional maintenance is required.
Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.
Further treatment may be recommended for further results.

What is the recovery like?

Recovery lasts one day.
Mild redness, moderate pinkness, soreness, and mild bruising are expected.
Recovery is much easier than surgery.
Prescription pain medications are generally not necessary.
Most people return to work and activities in a few days.


Cost of Treatments

Cost of treatment options ranges from three to five digits. An in-person consultation with your specialist physician will help to determine the best suitable solution to your own individual needs.