Unveil the Secrets of Aging

Unlock the mysteries of your aging process and identify potential health concerns with our state-of-the-art diagnostic testing. By combining in-person consultation, physical examination, and both basic and advanced diagnostic tests, we offer a comprehensive health evaluation like never before.

Advanced diagnostic testing further comprehensively evaluates DNA aging analysis, food immunology evaluation, anti-inflammation protection, and antioxidant status.

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Early detection




Guidance for customized treatments

General Wellness

Anti-Aging Test

This Test accurately assesses physiological aging indexes by examining general wellness, lipids, aging hormones, inflammation, and bone health. The comprehensive test covers various measurements, including liver function, kidney function, cardiovascular risk, diabetes risk, and more.

Advanced Treatment

Anti-inflammation Test

Discover the Omega-3 Protection

This test evaluates the effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids as powerful anti-inflammatory agents safeguarding your cardiovascular health. Experience the benefits of a well-balanced omega-3 intake for optimal heart protection.

Antioxidant Test

Unlock Your Personalized Micronutrient Plan

Assess your unique antioxidant capacity, immune function & micronutrient profile. Optimize your health with personalized supplementation strategies—oral, topical, or systemic.

Unleash your body’s natural defenses & thrive in optimal wellness!

Hormone Test

Uncover Your Hormonal Balance

Unlock the secrets of your hormones with our in-depth test, designed to assess crucial hormones for both men and women. Analyze stress, growth, thyroid, sex, and prostate-related hormones for a complete understanding of your hormonal health.

Food Immunology Test

Discover your Ideal Personalized Diet

Uncover the perfect diet with our Food Immunology Test, designed to detect incompatible foods affecting weight gain, asthma, intestinal issues, skin disorders, and neurological conditions.

Reveal obstacles to optimal weight control and create a tailored food plan for your unique health needs.

DNA Aging Test

Discover the Secrets of Your Genetic Longevity

By examining the length of telomeres, crucial markers in the DNA chain, this test reveals essential information about your genetic health and potential lifespan.

Delve into the world of DNA and take control of your future today.

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