Bellafill, Bellafill, Arcadia Plastic Surgeon Dr George Sun


As we age, our skin envelope begins to thin out. Collagen and fat begin to shrink, giving us a hollow or sunken appearance.

Fillers are synthetic or autologous agents used to help restore the volume for the face and body.

BellaFill is a synthetic filler, made polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres are suspended in collagen, fills and stimulates collagen regrowth for contouring, shaping, and volume restoration. This filler last up to 5 years.

1. Easier than surgery
2. More complete improvement for both bone and soft tissue than implant
3. Faster than fat grafting
4. Much longer lasting than hyaluronic acid
5. Firmer feeling, shorter lasting, and less cost effective than SuperFiller, requiring pre-testing

1. Recediing chin
2. Nasolabial folds
3. Folds around the mouth
4. Acne scar

1. Patients with realistic expectations
2. Patients in good healthy conditions
3. Stable weight without frequent or excess weight gain or loss

1. Patients with unrealistic expectations
2. Patients with low blood sugar, dehydration, acute disease, autoimmune disorder, blood disorder, cancer, or on bleeding thinning medications.

Following local anesthesia, fillers are injected slowly and retrograde in low pressure settings to slowly, incrementally, and gradually restore the lost volume of the targeted skin sites.

Generally, several sessions are required.

Results are more precise, longer lasting, and more complete when injections are done in stages. Specific areas of collagen or fat loss are the addressed with serial sessions monthly injections. The treatments are sized to your dimensions and customized to your specific facial needs.

All unused prepared or mixed medicine must be packaged and labeled with the recipient patient’s identification.

The treatment takes about half hour in an outpatient clinic setting.

Local anesthesia is used.

1. Chin contouring
2. Smoothening of folds
3. Immediate improvement due to instant filling
4. Prolonged improvement due to gradual collagen stimulation

The results are seen within a few days and also gradually within few weeks.
Results last years, up to 5 years and possibly longer.
Additional maintenance is required.
Other alternatives may be used to enhance results.
Further treatment may be recommended to further results.
Recovery lasts few days.
Mild redness, moderate pinkness, soreness, and mild bruising are expected.
Recovery is much easier than surgery.
Prescription pain medications are generally not necessary.
Most people return to work and activities in a few days.
Cost of treatment options ranges from three to five digits. An in-person consultation with your specialist physician will help to determine the best suitable solution to your own individual needs.