DNA Aging Test, DNA Aging Test, Arcadia Plastic Surgeon Dr George Sun

DNA Aging Test


Advanced diagnostic testing accurately determines your state of aging and easily checks for any health disturbances.

  1. Examination:Consultation evaluation and examination

    a. In-person consultation

    b. Basic Diagnostic Testing: Minimal testing include items which insurance may cover:physical exam by your primary doctor mammogram, gynecological exam, and prostate exam

    Aging Test. Male or Female

    Wellness Test

    Cardiovascular Risk

    Diabetes Risk

    Bone Health

    Aging Hormones

    Prostate Health

    Inflammation Test

    Anti-Inflammation Test

    Cancer Screening Test

    c. Advanced Diagnostic Testing: Advanced, comprehensive diagnostic testing which insurance do not cover:

    d. Explanation of diagnostic testing results

  2. Anti-Aging Treatment:Anti-Aging treatment by prescription of individually customized wellness anti-aging treatmentsState-of-the-art, safe, scientifically proven, and effective treatments to optimize food detoxification, micronutrients balance, hormones replenishment, inflammation reduction, blood and stem cell function, and DNA aging.a. Detoxification:

    i. Lifestyle Detoxification: Eat, Sleep, Exercise, and Relax the Easy Way to Slow Down Aging

    ii. Food Detoxification: Objective and scientifically tailored food detoxification program

    iii. Blood Detoxification: Use of advanced medical and laser equipments for blood detoxification.

    Low level laser

    b. Replenishment: Use of prescriptive, pharmaceutical grade, and FDA regulated topical, oral, and injectable ingredients medications

    i. DNA Optimization Supplements

    ii. Photodynamic Rejuvenation, (PDR), Body, for enhancing blood and stem cell functions

    iii. IV Nutrition Injection, intramuscular or intravenous

    iv. Stem cells

    v. Cytokines

    vi. Bioidentical Hormones

    vii. NAD for DNA Repair

    viii. Senolytics, medicine which can help to rid of aging cells

  3. Re-examinationwith select Anti-Aging Testing, explanation of select diagnostic testing resultsa. Re-examination with select Anti-Aging Testing re-examination

    i. In-person follow up consultation

    ii. Select diagnostic testing

    iii. Explanation of select diagnostic testing results

  4. Periodic adjustments for individually customized wellness maintenance program
    Combined with an individualized wellness program of Lifestyle Detoxification, DNA Optimization Supplements, Micronutrient Injection, Hormonal Balancing, and Anti-Aging Laser can help you regain your youthful vitality!

List of Tests

DNA Aging Test


  1. This exam measures the health of DNA by measuring the length of telomeres, a DNA chain marker of genetic longevity.
  2. Can be repeated in six months

Telomeres are sections of genetic material involved in cellular replication. As a cell ages, its telomeres becomes too short to allow cell replication, the cell stop dividing and degenerates.


Testing results help to identify individual variations
Testing results guide customized treatments
Testing itself does not directly treat conditions, but accurate diagnosis do determine accurate therapies.
1.Patients with realistic expectation
1.Patients with unrealistic expectation
Testing uses collection methods via saliva, urine, and blood most commonly.
Results vary depending on the individual state of health.
Results are available within two to six weeks, depending on the type of tests. Your physician will review test results at time of consultation and provide you copies of the testing.
Testing results vary and are not constant depending on the individual state of health.
Maintenance is required.
Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.
Further treatment may be recommended to further results.
Certain testing require fasting and specific time of collection, where others do not.
Cost of treatment options ranges from three to four digits. An in-person consultation with your specialist physician will help to determine the best suitable solution to your own individual needs.
DNA Aging Test, DNA Aging Test, Arcadia Plastic Surgeon Dr George Sun