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Fat Removal is a non-surgical treatment to permanently destroy unwanted fat.

This treatment uses a medicine preparation called Kybella or deoxycholic acid to destroy fat permanently.

As a non-surgical option to melt fat, this procedure is suitable for the permanent reduction of small volumes of unwanted facial or body fat, for individuals who are fit or overweight.

1. Non-surgical
2. Permanent fat destruction
3. Skin contraction
4. For both fit and overweight individuals

1. unwanted fat, flat or bulging
2. mild skin laxity

1. Patients with realistic expectations
2. Patients in good, healthy conditions
3. Stable weight without frequent or excess weight gain or loss
4. Fit or overweight individuals

1. Patients with unrealistic expectations
2. Obese individuals

After oral anti-swelling medicine is administered, the neck is marked. Then, the deoxycholic acid is injected subcutaneously in multiple dotted areas. The skin is massaged.
Generally, several sessions are required.

The treatment takes about one hour in an outpatient clinic setting.

Procedures usually require only local anesthesia.

1. skin contraction
2. permanent skin fat destruction with fat removal similar, but not equal to liposuction results
3. contouring

The results will be seen gradually within one month after each session. After the swelling subsides within a few days, the results will look more and more natural.
Combined with proper diet and exercise, results last years, with further treatments suggested for maintenance.
Additional maintenance is required.
Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.
Further treatment may be recommended for further results.
Recovery lasts few days to one week.
Transient burning during injection
Moderate soft swelling, temporary hard swelling, mild bruising, and mild pain are expected.
Temporary sensory reduction for weeks
Prescription pain medications are generally not necessary.
Most people return to work and activities in a few days.
After the treatment
Cold compresses in the first two days
Warm compress after the first two days
Message for three weeks
Cost of treatment options ranges from three to four digits. An in-person consultation with your specialist physician will help to determine the best suitable solution to your own individual needs.
Kybella, Kybella, Arcadia Plastic Surgeon Dr George Sun
Kybella, Kybella, Arcadia Plastic Surgeon Dr George Sun
Kybella, Kybella, Arcadia Plastic Surgeon Dr George Sun
Kybella, Kybella, Arcadia Plastic Surgeon Dr George Sun