Hair ReGrowSM

無需手術, 自然增加頭髮厚度

Hair ReGrowSM is a novel regenerative hair rejuvenation treatment which aims to improve hair health. The technique reinvigorates hair, revitalizes hair roots, and grows hair naturally, reducing early hair loss and thinning. .

The treatment consists of the quadruple action of growth factors, stem cells, exosomes, and threads, and laser activation to the scalp for hair regrowth.  This technique combines nourishing low level activated LLL PRP platelet rich plasma derived growth factors and stem cells, optional 外泌體 Exosomes , and PDO threads 埋線提拉 Thread Lift

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Prior to treatment, topical and/or oral therapy for several weeks is essential to prime the scalp skin.

At the time of treatment, the following components are then administered:


This plate rich plasma concentrate is extracted from own blood.  This concentrate contains active nutrients, cells, and growth factors which are directly injected into the scalp for hair rejuvenation for promotion of health microcirculation. 

Low Level Laser LLL:                               

Low level Laser is then used to energize and activate the concentrate to aid hair growth, repair, and regeneration.


外泌體 Exosomes                          

Exosomes are membrane-bound vesicles produced by placenta derived stem cells.  Exosomes contain billions of proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, all which aid aid roles cell-to-cell signaling for repair and regeneration.

PDO Threads Thread Lift  

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are absorbable sutures which stimulating collagen and provide scaffolding to aid the localization of cells, growth factors, exosomes to aid repair and regeneration.


Results are more precise, longer lasting, and more complete when injections are done in stages. 

The treatment takes about two hours in an outpatient clinic setting


  • Improved hair health
  • Reduction of early hair loss
  • Thicker hair
  • Stronger hair
  • Wider hair

One yearly treatment is recommended to help maintain results.


Mild swelling, mild bruising, and some soreness are expected. 



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