Weight Loss

What is weight loss?



體重過重代表著體重超過與身高應有的比例, 並造成了過重與肥胖的問題。最理想測量體重的方法是透過身體質量指數(Body Mass Index, BMI)來衡量肥胖程度。
當BMI指數介於25至30之間, 代表著體重過重。當BMI指數超過30代表著體重超重(肥胖)。肥胖是衰老的常見象徵, 也是造成許多疾病的主要原因。當身體的脂肪物質及肌肉組織比例失衡時, 會引起身體疾病以及整體生理機能出現問題。

在真善美整型美容中心, 我們提供全方位的臨床性體重監督療程, 不僅有效, 而且簡單, 安全, 又溫和。

What are the causes of excessive weight?



  • 遺傳性:遺傳性肥胖
  • 飲食習慣:不健康的食物, 飲食過量, 及不規律的飲食時間
  • 運動習慣:缺乏足夠的體能運動
  • 睡眠習慣:缺乏良好的睡眠及休息
  • 心理因素:情緒, 自信心, 感知, 焦慮, 抑鬱
  • 賀爾蒙:壓力賀爾蒙過多及甲狀腺功能低下
  • 藥物使用:酒精或其他藥物影響

What are the treatments for weight loss?



Weight Loss

Weight which exceeds the ideal range for a given height is considered as excessive, either overweight or obesity. The ideal way to measure weight is based on the body mass index, or BMI.When BMI ranges between 25 to 30, one’s weight is considered overweight. When BMI exceeds 30, the weight becomes obesity.

Obesity is a common marker of aging and a major cause of many illnesses. When our body’s composition of fat and muscle deposits becomes imbalanced, we risk developing certain medical conditions and affecting our overall physiological functioning.

At the Advanced Aesthetics Center, we provide a wide range of medically supervised treatments that are not only effective, but are also simple, safe and gentle.

The causes of excessive weight are multiple.

  • Genetics:  hereditary makeup
  • Eating habits: unhealthy quality, quantity, and timing of eating
  • Exercising habits: lack of adequate physical activity
  • Sleep habits:  lack of optimal sleep and rest
  • Mind habit:  emotion, self-esteem, perception, anxiety, depression
  • Hormones:  excessive stress hormones, under-active thyroid
  • Medications:  alcohol and many medications

Want to effectively lose excessive weight? Consider the following treatment options.