Lifestyle Detoxification

Slow Down Aging and Control Weight the Easy Way

Learn simple steps on how to eat, sleep, exercise, and relax to Optimize Health.

Learn about ways for easy exercise, better sleep, and mindful relaxation . 

Learn what to eat/what not to eat, when to eat, how to eat, where to eat, why to eat, and how to check yourself.


Slow Down Aging and Control Weight the Easy Way

Eat, Sleep, Exercise, and Relax to Optimize Health


EXERCISE PROGRAM                              Brisk walking is most popular; get a pedometer;    Minimum steps per day=10000; park farther away;

use phone app to check steps taken


SLEEP PROGRAM                                       6 to 8 hours of sleep; avoid stimulatory activities 2 hours before sleep;

Use phone app to monitor sleep efficiency


RELAX THE MIND PROGRAM             meditation; prayer; thankfulness; gratitude; forgiveness; life coach for professionals;



FOOD DETOXIFICATIO PROGRAM                      The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Weight LossSM

Lose Weight Naturally, Easily, and Flexibly... Without the Cravings

Habit 1: What Not to Eat:       Totally Avoid

Food Immunology Testing Avoid Items:     

Cautious Items(Yellow):            Only twice a week

                                                                             No-No Items(Red and Orange): Eliminate


High-Fat Protein:     Fried food; Regular cheese; High fat meats of prime rib, spareribs, sausages, and hamburgers


Starch:                       white bread; white pasta; noodles; rice; french fries; carrots/potatoes


Seasoning:                 Salty food; Regular ketchup; table sugar; margarine; Corn oil


Vegetables/fruits:    watermelon/grapes/avocado/pineapple/banana/mango



Snacks:  Popcorn; candy bars; potato chips; crackers; doughnuts; ice cream; Baked goods using butter, margarine, cookies, cakes, pies; chocolate

Drinks:   Regular soda; fruit juices; regular milk


Habit 2: What to Eat:               Enjoy

Food Immunology Testing Okay Items



Low-fat protein:       all types of fish; lean cuts of beef, veal, and lamb; skinless chicken; Maximum 2 shellfish;

To-Fu; egg white; low-fat cheese; cheese sticks

tuna salad; chicken salad

Seasoning:                 steamed or boiled food

onions, garlic, ginger, pepper, all powdered spices fat-free salad dressing; mustard

olive oil for cooking and dressing; eliminate other cooking oil

Smart Balance butter light; low-fat mayo; sugar-free(low carb) ketchup

minimal cooking oil; minimal soy sauce peanut butter(Maximum 2 tablespoons daily)

Vegetables/fruits:    all veggies
fat-free whole grain bread

Maximum of 2 servings per day for the following:

bread(1 slice per serving):Nature's Own 100% whole wheat; Double Fiber

whole wheat pasta or soy noodles(1 palm size per serving)

vegetables: carrots; corn(1/2 cup per serving); nuts(twenty per serving)

fruits(1 per serving): apple; pear; grapefruit; cantaloupe; orange;

fruits(1 cup per serving): strawberries; raspberries


Snacks:                  sugar-free jello-O; fat-free yogurt; sugar-free oatmeal; high-fiber crackers

Maximum of 2 servings per day for the following:

legumes(pecans, walnuts, soy)

low-fat yogurt(1 cup per serving)

Drinks:                   64 oz of water everyday, divided in four to six times a day

Sugar-free tea; sugar-free non-fat coffee; Sugar-free soymilk; non-fat milk

1% low-fat milk(Maximum 2 cups daily); Diet caffeine free drinks

Fiber :                        Benefiber(Soluble Fiber) 2 tablespoon in full glass of water each meal


Habit 3: When to Eat               Have a nice breakfast everyday; Eat five times a day; 3 meals a day and 2 snack servings every day Eat a light dinner;

avoid late dinner; no late night snacks;

                                                                             The later you eat the more veggies and less fat you need to eat


Habit 4: How to Eat                  Eat a palm size of low-fat protein every meal;

Eat until satisfied but no overfull; do not need to finish everything on your plate


Habit 5: Where to Eat              Eat self-prepared food at home as much as possible; do not eat in front of the television.

While eating in restaurants, ask for low calorie low fat selection; ask for menu modifications


Habit 6: Why to Eat                  Do not eat for emotional control; do not because food is convenient;

At home, put away high calorie food; display fruit and vegetable instead in prominent locations


Habit 7: Check Yourself          Check your weight once or twice a week; check with your peer support such as a weight watcher or a weight-loss doctor at least twice a month to help you.

Reduce calories and reduce fat intake: <2000 kcal with <30 fat gram total daily

Learn to read food label and nutrition information to select food of reduced calories and fat.

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Treatable Conditions​

Frequent Ask Question

Program should last at least a minimum of three months.

Optional Daily intake of oral medicine and/or weekly injection

Optional treatments with diagnostic testing and vitamin injection 

Lifestyle suggestions

Physician evaluation and follow-up

Within four weeks.

Results last when one continues on the program and considers the lifestyle changes dietary changes.

Recovery is none.  Initial body adjustment may take several weeks.

Continuing maintenance of preventive medicine, along with regular check-ups and testing, is essential to keeping one’s body in the best shape.

Dietary changes recommended is highly recommended.

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