Scar Removal

Restore Smoother Skin

Scar removal refers to nonsurgical and surgical techniques to minimize scar appearances. Non-surgical solutions especially for atrophic scar may include fractional resurfacing laser, subcision, fractional microneedling radiofrequency, and fillers. 

Examples include: Clear+Brillant Laser, Subcision, PRM, or Scar Lift.

Comparision of female shoulder after scar removing procedure

Special Features

Improvement of atrophic scar

Smoother skin

Types of Scar Removal Treatment

Advanced Treatment

Melasma Laser

Clear+Brilliant Laser

This laser, a diode fractional laser, is based on 1440 and 1927 nm wavelengths which target primarily water for skin resurfacing.

Releasing Tethered Scar or Folds


Subcision is a procedure which uses a blunt or sharp instrument to undermine and release adherent tissue to allow an open space to open up.  Subsequently, a filler may be used to restore the volume in the undermined area to prolong and enhance the results.

Advanced Treatment


Platelet Rich Matrix, The Most Natural Autologous Filler

PRM, platelet rich matrix, is an laser energized autologous filler enriched with plasma derived gelatinized albumin, PRP derived growth factors with blood stem cells, and skin micronutrients.

Scar LiftSM

Smooth Out Acne Scar

Scar LiftSM, a novel non-surgical scar technique, uses a regenerative filler consists of laser energized Sculptra suspended in PRP derived growth factors, blood stem cells, and skin micronutrients, followed by Vivace fractional microneedling radiofrequency, and subcision.

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