Chin Implant

Long Lasting Chin Sculpting Without Surgery

Chin Contour is an easy, simple, flexible, and long lasting non-surgical chin contouring injection treatment for the receding chin.

Chin Contour produces an instant filling effect and gradual collagen stimulation overtime.  Best of all, Chin Contour is easier than surgery, restores both bone and soft tissue volume, works faster than fat grafting, lasts much longer(almost ten to thirty times longer than traditional hyaluronic acid acid, with a duration ranging from 5 to 15 years and possibly longer, and feels softer than rigid filler like BelaFill.

Special Features
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Frequent Ask Question

Chin implants are sized according to your needs. These implants are inserted via either an intraoral incision or smaller implants, or via an external neck incision for larger anatomical or specialized implants.  

The surgery can take one to two hours in a surgery center. 

Local or general anesthesia may be used.

The results will be seen immediately.  After the swelling subsides, the results will look more and more natural.

Results are permanent and last decades.

No special maintenance is needed.  To enhance your results, consider alternatives.

Recovery lasts few days to one week .  

Moderate swelling, mild bruising, and mild pain are expected. 

Prescription pain medications are generally not necessary.  

Most people return to work and activities in one week.

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