Nose Job

Nasal Sculpting

The surgery sculpts the nose, the most prominent feature on your face, to blend harmoniously with the rest of the face.  

Most conditions of nasal shapes can be sculpted, ranging from reduction, augmentation, rotation, projection, widening, narrowing, or lengthening. In addition, nasal allergy and sinus conditions can be improved as well when an option function procedure is added.

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Treatable Conditions​

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Using either hidden, endoscopic, or external incisions, the surgery reconstructs and reshapes nasal cartilages, bones, and/or implants.  


The treatment takes about three hours in an outpatient clinic setting.  


General anesthesia is used.

  1. Improved nasal shape
  2. Enhanced nasal breathing when combined with functional procedure

Results last decades

No maintenance is required.

Further treatment may be recommended for further results.

Recovery lasts one week 

Moderate swelling, moderate bruising, and some soreness are expected. 

Prescription pain medications are generally necessary.  

Most people return to work and activities in one week.

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