Fat Removal

Permanent Fat Destruction

Fat Removal is a non-surgical treatment to permanently destroy unwanted fat.  Fat can be non-surgically shrunken chemically via injection or thermally via deeping heat or freezing.


20% ~30% of fat shrinkage

Skin tightening

Skin smoothening

Permanent skin fat destruction

Body contouring

Types of Fat Removal Treatment

Advanced Treatment

Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat Without Surgery


This treatment uses a medicine preparation called Kybella or deoxycholic acid to destroy fat permanently.

One-Time Treatment To Rid Of Stubborn Fat Without Surgery


This treatment uses one-time high intensity fat melting ultrasound to permanently and precisely destroy targeted unwanted fat, tighten lax skin, and breakdown stubborn cellulite.

Cost Effective Fat Destruction


This treatment uses deep radiofrequency energy to melt fat cells, tighten lax skin, breakdown stubborn cellulite, and smoothen the wrinkly skin.

Advanced Treatment


Want To Rid of Double Chin and Chubby Face Without Surgery?

Cool-BriteSM addresses all three conditions of muscle, fat, and skin at the same time to achieve neck lifting, fat melting, and skin tightening. This injection treatment combines three tools: SuperBotox, fat melting deoxycholic acid, and albumin rich high-density growth factors derived from one’s own blood.

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