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Collagen Lift Gel

Rapid Tightening Anti-Aging Gel

This state-of-the art personalized gel,  infused with both synthetic and one’s own natural growth factors,   regenerates skin functions, rebuilds collagen, and improves tautness of skin, all  in a luxurious pure gold nanocrystal base.

Category: skin tightening and anti-wrinkling

Composition: condition media stem cell biomolecules, growth factors, peptides, and skin tightening factors with one’s own blood derived growth factors

Special Features
Collagen lift product_250k
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Treatable Conditions

Frequent Ask Question

One’s own blood is drawn to prepare autologous platelet rich plasma, PRP.  Natural growth factors are then infused with MDSun Collagen Lift.

Take the prescribed or recommended dosage.

The results may be seen within days.

Results last when one continues on the program.

Additional maintenance is required.

Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.

Further treatment may be recommended to further results.

Continuing maintenance of preventive medicine, along with regular check-ups and testing, is essential to keeping one’s body in the best shape.

Lifestyle changes are highly recommended.

Further treatment may be recommended to further results.

Recovery is none.

All products may have specific side effects.

Apply to the affected areas once daily.

Refrigeration recommended.

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