Brighter Skin Without Laser of Peel

COOL-BRITESM is a unique “cool” skin pigmentation brightening treatment. Unlike most heat and redness producing treatments like lasers and peels, Cool-Brite produces no heat nor redness. This treatment combines MotoRoller microneedling, Bleaching Injection, and low level light healing by LED.

This procedure offers an effective, gradual, gentle, and convenient option to treat their pigmentation, without downtime or worry of worsened pigmentation.  This treatment is especially helpful for skin type of easy pigment darkening, people with active outdoor lifestyle, and for those who seek improvement even during the summer season.

Uneven skin tone can be gradually and gentle evened.  As such, stubborn pigmentaion such as melasma, postinflammatory pigmentation, and uneven skin tone can be treated. 

Because of very little heat produced, this treatment does not produce redness and therefore is an unique “cool” skin brightening treatment, especially suitable for all seasons, including the summer. This “cold” treatment does not have the side effects of extensive recovery peeling, redness, or chance of worsened pigmentation. 

This treatment deploys three techniques:  MotoRoller microneedling, Bleaching injection, and LED low level light.

MotoRoller is an upgraded technique of microneedling.

MotoRoller uses an electrically motorized stamping to produce the micro-punctures to deliver beneficial skin micronutrients without injections.

Via numerous micro-punctures, essential vitamins, antioxidants, stem cells, and growth factors are delivered into the skin.  Compared to micorneedling, more micro-punctures can be made, with more significant penetration for more collagen stimulation, and more skin absorption of micronutrients and biologic factors. As such, MotoRoller hydrates the skin, brightens the skin, improves pore size, and enhances tautness and smoothness of skin..

Bleaching Injection

This injection is a instantly hydrating, glowing, smoothening and gradually skin brightening  injection treatment for dry, dull, and aging skin.  Designed to treat diffuse skin dryness, dullness, and aging skin, this treatment delivers hydrating, live stem cells, cytokines with growth factor cells, and brightening medicine directly to the skin areas.  The medicine is effectively absorbed, thus significantly enhancing the brightening effects of topical medicine.  The medicine is much better absorbed, thus significantly enhancing the brightening effects of topical medicine.


Low level light, or light emitting diode, heals the skin, reduces skin inflammation and redness, and helps to control pigmentation.

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Treatable Conditions

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As for preparation, proper topical medical product regimen is initiated prior to treatment.  Once the skin is primed, treatment can be started. 

Generally, several sessions are required. 

Results are more precise, longer lasting, and more complete when treatments are done in stages. 

The treatment takes about half hour in an outpatient clinic setting

Topical anesthesia may be used.


Treatment is started after topical numbing medicine is applied for a brief duration.  After the numbing cream is washed off, the microneedling is applied in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal strokes to produce pinkness and faint pin-point oozing. 

Topical skin micronutrients are then applied and rolled into the depth of the skin, followed by additional strokes until the products are absorbed. 


MotoRoller can provide injection-free delivery of rejuvenating factors.  The ingredients used include skin micronutrients such as hyaluronic acid, repair factors such as autologous stem cells and growth factors, and brightening agents such as tranexamic acid, high potency vitamin C and other vitamins and antioxidants.   

Bleaching Injection

With microinjection, the medicine is injected superficially in a grid like manner onto the whole face.  Increasing concentration and number of ingredients are added to each formulation injection.  


After the injections are done, low level light healing by low level light LED is placed over the skin.  No skin contact is needed, and no heat is generated.

Results are gradual and can be seen beginning in six weeks. More effects will generally require at least three months of therapy.

Results last six months to one year, and longer when proper topical medical product regimen is maintained.

Continued therapy, especially when combined with topical medicine regiment, would maintain and enhance results.  

For more aggressive and faster results, combination with other modalities will be helpful.

Recovery lasts one day.

Mild redness, moderate pinkness, soreness, and mild bruising are expected. 

Prescription pain medications are generally not necessary.  

Most people return to work and activities in the same day or few days.

  • Ice for the first 24 hours
  • Topical anti-redness medicine Red-Ease for 3 days
  • Topical serum moisturizer Super B for 3 days
  • Steroid for 3 days
  • Sun block after 6 hours
  • No exfoliation medicine for 5 days
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