The Master Antioxidant for the Skin and Body

Glutathione is the master intracellular tri-peptide antioxidant derived from the liver and also from diet.  

Major functions include:

  1. Prevention of side effects of radiation and chemo therapy
  2. Chelation of heavy metals
  3. Protection of liver
  4. Improvement of neurological functions
  5. Immunity against cancer
  6. Anti-aging
  7. Skin brightening

Glutathione can be administered topically or given by injection via intradermal shots, intramuscular shots, or intravenous infusion.

Special Features
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Treatable Conditions​

Frequent Ask Question

For IM Shots, the medicine is administered in the buttocks.  For IV nutrition, the medicine is given along with other ingredients.

Generally, several sessions are required.  

The treatment takes about half hour in an outpatient clinic setting

Local anesthesia may be used.

The results are within six weeks.  

Results last weeks.

Continued topical therapy is essential to maintain results.

Maintenance treatment every three months is highly recommended.

Further treatment may be recommended for more results.

Recovery is generally none.

Mild bruising and swelling are noted. 

Prescription pain medications are generally not necessary.  

Most people return to work and activities on the same day.

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