Growth Hormone Secretagogues

The “Master Hormone”

This product stimulates one’s own body to secrete the appropriate amount of growth hormone to replenish the gradual decline of growth hormone function associated with aging.

Category: prescriptive oral medicine


Growth Hormone Secretagogue


  • Increase energy
  • Increase mood
  • Increase memory
  • Increase sleep quality
  • REM & stage 4 sleep
  • Increase immunity
  • Increase sexual f(x)
  • Increase exercise endurance
  • Increase well-being
  • Increase heart f(x)
  • decrease cholesterol
  • decrease plaques
  • increase clot breakup
  • Increase kidney f(x)
  • Increase lung f(x)
  • Increase wound healing
  • Increase body temperature
  • Increase bone mass
  • Increase joint strength
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increase skin tone/thickness/tightness
  • hair growth
  • Decrease fat
Special Features
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Treatable Conditions​
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Frequent Ask Question

See Instructions.

The results are seen within days.

Results last weeks when one continues on the program and considers the lifestyle changes and dietary changes.

Additional maintenance is required.

Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.

Further treatment may be recommended to further results.

Recovery is none.

Take the prescribed dosage before sleep.

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