The Longer Lasting and More Effective Replenishment

A pellet is a miniaturized medicine implant placed under the skin for convenient, directly absorbed, and sustained-release of biological actives.  

Various medicines, including hormones and non-hormones biological actives, may be used.  The effects last months, even up to a half year or more.  For patients who have used topical, oral, or injection methods, pellet implant appears to be much more effective and convenient.  

Unlike oral medicine, pellet implant does not enter the gut and thus bypass impartial gut absorption; furthermore, liver metabolism is also bypassed, so that byproducts of the medicine are avoided.  Unlike topical medicine, the absorption is steady and constant.  And unlike injection, the release is steady, continuous and sustained, rather than spikes in absorption.

Special Features

A pellet implant:

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Treatable Conditions​
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Frequent Ask Question

After advanced diagnostic antiaging testing, balancing can begin.  


Re-examination and periodic adjustments then follow.

Under local anesthesia, an small needle size incision is made, followed by the insertion of a grain-size pellet into the subcutaneous tissue in buttock area with suture or tape closure.

The results are seen in weeks.  Most patients often find more energy to work and to enjoy life.  

Combined with proper diet and exercise, results are long lasting with further treatments suggested for maintenance.

Additional maintenance is required.

Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.

Further treatment may be recommended to further results.

For pellet implant, local effects may include minor bleeding and bruising, and occasionally, extrusion.  Post treatment instruction includes avoidance of vigorous exercise for 5 days and oral antibiotics.


Symptoms and signs of excessive dosage may occur and adjustments will be made.

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