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Platelet Rich Plasma

Unleash your body’s innate healing abilities with Platelet-Rich Plasma, a cutting-edge therapy that utilizes your own blood’s growth factors and stem cells. PRP, derived from your blood, is packed with platelets, cells, and a plethora of growth factors, providing a natural solution for regeneration and repair. 


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PRP, or platelet rich plasma, a processed component of your own blood, consists of platelets, cells, and numerous growth factors.   PRP are therefore self derived growth factors.

This technique utilizes your own blood derived blood signaling growth factors.  The fractionated portions have been shown to contain numerous signaling growth factors and stem cells.

These growth factors have important reparative and regenerative capacities. PRP can thus be used in disease-based medicine, cosmetic treatments, and anti-aging settings. 

In essence, the ultimate benefits of stem cells may be the potent bioactive molecules released by stem cells. More and more recent research have demonstrated that cellular derived elements, the potent signaling growth factors and bioactive molecules, rather than the cells themselves, may be responsible for the reparative and regenerative capacity.

Special Features
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Treatable Conditions​

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Prior to treatment, additional anti-aging measures must be taken to enhance, complete, and endure the effects of the treatment.  Mandatory measures may include:

  •  Bioidentical Hormone
  •  Growth Factors
  •  Low Level Laser
  • IV Nutrition
  •  NAD
  •  Exosomes
  •  Testing
  • Products DNA Optimization Products

Before treatment, adequate hydration and nutritional intake are required. One hour prior to laser starting, natural photosensitizer antioxidant compounds can be given orally.


Subsequently, blood is drawn, processed, fractionated, and activated to yield regular platelet-rich-plasma.  The preparation is subsequently injected into the localized tissue for effects.

Generally effects are cumulative and gradual over three months.  Further results can be obtained with further packaged sessions.

Results last about three to six months.

For maintenance of body rejuvenation, treatment every three months is recommended, along with other anti-aging measures.

Localized swelling and mild bleeding are expected.

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