An OFF-THE-SHELF natural Filler

Renuva is an all-natural off-the-shelf filler with an extracellular matrix rich in regenerative properties that acts as a scaffold, allowing the body to recruit new fat cells to attach to it. Made from human allograft tissue, Renuva contains the same collagen, growth factors, and proteins as autologous fat and is a completely acellular, safe, and long-lasting alternative to fat transfer with liposuction.

Special Features
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Treatable Conditions​
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Frequent Ask Question

Following local anesthesia, the filler product is injected via special instrumentation, in incremental layers, and in multiple sessions, to build up progressively the volume filling effect. 

Generally, several sessions are required. 

Results are more precise, longer lasting, and more complete when injections are done in stages.  Specific areas of collagen or fat loss are addressed with serial sessions monthly injections.  The treatments are sized to your dimensions and customized to your specific area needs.

All unused prepared or mixed medicine must be packaged and labeled with the recipient patient’s identification.

The treatment takes about half hour in an outpatient clinic setting

Local anesthesia may be used.

The results will be seen instantly as well as gradually in weeks.  After the swelling subsides with few days, the results will look more and more natural.

Results vary from nine months to years.  Duration of effect is similar regardless of sessions of treatments, but the magnitude of change will be determined by the number of sessions.

Additional maintenance is required.

Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.

Further treatment may be recommended for further results.

Recovery lasts one weekend, with most people returning to work and activities thereafter.

Temporary swelling, soreness, and mild bruising are expected.

Prescription pain medications are generally not needed.

After the treatment:

Message to the areas three times a day for three days to improve evenness.

Ice pack to the areas for the first two days to reduce swelling

Heat pads to the areas for the subsequent two days to expedite the resolution of any bruising.

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