Reduces Appetite

This product reduces appetite.

Category: prescriptive oral medicine

Composition: Topamax

Special Features
Bodycare And Slimming Concept. Profile Side View Portrait Of Skinny Lady In White Lingerie With Perfect Ideal Body Shape Posing With Raised Arms And Outlines With Arrows Isolated On Blue Studio Wall
Treatable Conditions​

Frequent Ask Question

See Instructions.

The results are seen within four weeks.

Results last months when one continues on the program and considers the lifestyle changes and dietary changes.

Additional maintenance is required.

Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.

Further treatment may be recommended to further results.

Continuing maintenance of preventive medicine, along with regular check-ups and testing, is essential to keeping one’s body in the best shape.

Lifestyle changes are highly recommended.

Recovery is none. Initial body adjustment may take several weeks.

Chronic high dose use may trigger mood changes.

All oral products may have specific side effects.

Take a quarter or half tablet before breakfast in the beginning.

After one week, take one half tablet before breakfast.

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