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Comfortable Pore Reduction and Wrinkle Smoothening

Vivace is a form of fractional microneedling radiofrequency which can target collagen, muscle, and even fat. 

This technology uses gold plated microneedles to deliver simultaneous bidirectional radiofrequency and low level light to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, scar, and reduces inflammatiory acne. Combination depths of deep to superficial layers of collagen are gently heated for effective collagen remodeling and reduction of acne inflammation.

This procedure is particularly suitable for thick-skin and thin skin, heat-tolerant individuals who desire successive treatments for best results.

Skin tightening refers to technologies which tone, lift, and contour the face and neck without surgery. These technologies can re-build collagen, condense unwanted fat, and tighten the superficial muscular layer of the skin.  Specifically, these technologies tighten loose skin on the brows, eyelids, the jowls and neck, and under the chin.

Fundamentally, all skin technology uses focused deep heat to achieve skin tightening.  Currently, there are three ways of achieving the skin tightening:  laser, radiofrequency (RF), and ultrasound.  Each modality targets different depths of the skin, emits different type of heat patterns, and thus produce different clinical benefits for different conditions.

Commonly, combination of laser, radiofrequency, and ultrasound produce faster and better results.  And further combining with botox and fillers create the best overall results.

How many shots are used?

The number of pulses will vary between 600 to 1200.  The energy targets only the necessary areas of sufficient collagen depth. Areas with thin collagen or absent fibromuscular layer will often further flatten down with heat energy and thus intense energy to the deep depth to these areas is not needed.

Do more pulses, shots, or lines make better results?

The short answer is “yes” for areas where one wants flattening.  The answer is “no” for areas where one does not want loss of volume.

For these areas which excess plumpness or volume is not desired, more energy via more pulses, shots, or lines to these areas will flattening the areas down.

Areas where plumpness or volume is not desirable and thus enhanced energy may be warranted include:

  1. lower cheeks
  2. nasolabial prominence
  3. jowls
  4. double chin.

For areas which plumpness or volume is not desired, more energy via more pulses, shots, or lines to these areas will actually decrease the flattening the areas down, and produce more hollowed appearance.

Areas where plumpness or volume is to be maintained and thus excessive energy is not warranted include:

  1. Forehead
  2. Temples
  3. upper cheeks

With combination technique, both ultrasound and radiofrequency energies are performed, all on areas where flattening where contraction is desired.  Combination results are better than single modality ultrasound or radiofrequency alone.

Thus, where the skin tightening is targeted affects the aesthetic outcome and can either rejuvenate or age your look!

Does skin tightening with a single modality of laser, radiofrequency, or ultrasound provide the best skin tightening result?

The short answer is combination technique, not single modality, produce the best results.


  1. focused columns of superficial heat energy, with gaps of no energy between columns
  2. targets superficial collagen


  1. uniform, radiant, circumferential, wavelike heat without gaps 
  2. targets deep collagen and fat more comfortably


  1. focused columns of deep heat energy, with gaps of no energy between columns
  2. targets deep collagen and muscle with intense heat.  
  3. While ultrasound can also be used for fat, monoploar radiofrequency provides far more uniform heat for better fat reduction.

The efficacy of skin tightening depends on:

  1. Levels of heat:  superficial heat(superficial collagen), deep focused heat(deep collagen and muscle), and deep radiant heat(fat contraction).
  2. Amount of heat
  3. Sessions of heat

Combined treatment with other modalities such as laser, radiofrequency, botox, and fillers.

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Frequent Ask Question

After the skin is anesthetized with topical medicine and cleansed with disinfectants, the targeted areas are marked.  

The transducers are the then applied onto the skin to emit diffuse electrical energy to the superficial and medium depths of the skin.  Multiple passes are performed in a directional lifting manner. Heat sensation will be felt.

Generally, a combination package treatment is required.  

The treatment takes about half hour in an outpatient clinic setting.

Topical and oral anesthesia may be used.

The results will be seen gradually within two months.  After the swelling subsides with few days, the results will look more and more natural.

Results long one year or more.  Duration of effect is similar regardless of sessions of treatments, but the magnitude of change will be determined by the number of sessions.

Recovery lasts one day

Mild redness, swelling, pain, and occasional tingling are expected. 

Prescription pain medications are generally not necessary.  

Most people return to work and activities in one day.

Additional maintenance is required.

Healthy eating and exercise are helpful to enhance results.

Further treatment may be recommended to further results.

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